Pro Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform and Border security are two of the most important national security issues that ACT For America is helping to enforce. States such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are not the only border states; due to our open, porous borders, where illegal migrants can travel into our country, every state is now a border state. From threats of terrorism, to disease, to human trafficking, and the opioid epidemic, securing our borders will help alleviate many of the problems plaguing America. As a sovereign nation, we have every right to enforce our borders and no country has the authority to tell the United States who we have to let enter our country.

In the 117th Congress ACT for America is supporting numerous Federal bills to support Immigration Reform and Border security such as S. 25 - Stop Greenlighting Driver License for Illegal Immigrants Act 2021 sponsored by Senator Marsha Blackburn with a companion bill in the House of Representatives sponsored by Representative Ken Buck H.R 643. Additional bills include H.R. 140 – Birthright Citizenship Act 2021 sponsored by Rep. Brian Babin of Texas, and S.80 – Sarah’s Law Act 2021 sponsored by Senator Joni Ernst.

Pro Border SecurityEnd Sanctuary Cities  End Visa Lottery